Basement Repairs

Basement repairs are also provided by our construction company in Regina. If you have cracks in your walls, leaks coming from the basement floor or ceiling, or you’ve noticed shifting of your walls or foundation, we can make any type of basement repair to restore your home’s structural integrity



Abstract Construction provides waterproofing services during the construction process to protect several structural areas. This includes the siding and foundation. We waterproof the foundation by installing drain systems to move water away from the bottom of the foundation, treating the foundation walls to prevent moisture from seeping in through the wall, and treating the ground surface adjacent to the building to direct surface water away from that area as well.

Wall Bracing

Wall bracing

Wall bracing is also done to provide additional support for the wall studs. Wall studs alone cannot resist outside forces, especially those that occur during severe storms or with high winds. When wall bracing is done correctly, it can protect your home or commercial building from wind speeds up to 150 mph.

Sump Pumps

We also install and repair sump pumps to keep your plumbing system working properly. Sump pumps play a major role in drainage of your waste water, so regular maintenance can prevent backups, and keep your basement dry. We also provide inspections to detect problems before they become serious issues.